Keeper scores 96th minute worldie to snatch a late point

Keeper scores 96th minute worldie to snatch a late point

Goalkeeper’s overhead kick is the stuff of dreams.

When you find yourself 1-0 down deep into stoppage time, there’s only one thing to do. Bring up the keeper and hope he’s learnt a thing or two about goalscorering from his perch between the sticks. South African side Baroka FC did just that last night, calling on the acrobatic brilliance of their keeper to save a late point.

The game was in its 6th minute of stoppage, with the home side trailing 1-0. A late corner provided the perfect opportunity to bring the keeper up, compress the box and hope someone can stick it home. The opposition keeper deals with the initial cross, palming it out in the direction of Bakora’s keeper turned striker, Oscarine Masuluke. He then pulls off an absolute stunner, with his back to goal he lets fly sending the ball into the top corner and stealing a late late point for the home side.

A goal any striker in any league would be proud of. He clearly had enough of watching his team squander chance after chance for 95 minutes, so took his last minute opportunity to show them how its done.

And the celebration to follow is just as impressive.